• Veal slices Döner
  • Veal-turkey slices Döner
  • Minced Meat Döner
  • Slice turkey Döner
  • Chicken slices turkey döner
  • Flaked minced Meat Döner
  • Chicken slices Döner


We work with names steadfast suppliers, the quality and hygiene standards are up to date. Moreover, we let our products through our experienced team internally and by an independent laboratory at regular intervals to check quality.

We are in no compromise on quality, so that we could expand throughout Europe.


We work with the European hygiene standard.

Furthermore, we stand for an absolute hygienic production with the laboratory and Veterinärsamt in close contact.

We adhere strictly in accordance with the criteria of the HACCP plan by the Health and by the European Union grayling will recommend.

On the sell our products with refrigerated (-18°) with the FRCK standards, so that the cold chain is not interrupted.


Our suppliers kill 100% according to the principles of Helalschlachtung in line with European.

This sub Protect material and immaterial us.